Stantonbury council backs interim minister plan for Bradwell

Stantonbury Ecumenical Council has unanimously agreed to proceed with the suggestion of appointing an interim minister for Bradwell Church.

Rev David Lewis

The Rev David Lewis who is part of the team who will draw up the profile for the interim minister

The SEC has set up a group consisting of four representatives of the Bradwell Church (Rod Ruston, Rob Coles, Alan Potter and Diana Stammers) and four representatives from the SEC (the Rev Paul Smith, Maggie Prisk, Bob Cross and the Rev David Lewis), to draw up the profile.

The decision by the SEC follows a meeting at Bradwell Church in January at which members of the congregation gave their backing to plans for an interim minister to replace the Rev Andy Jowitt who retired in October last year.

The minister who will be in post for up to two years will also have a responsibility for heading up a review of the Stantonbury Ecumenical Partnership – how it operates and how it can best serve the north east Milton Keynes area in the future.

David is taking pastoral responsibility for Bradwell Church until an appointment is made with Paul looking after the Cross and Stable. Once the interim minister appointment is made that person will take on Bradwell and David will take on Cross and Stable as well as Christ Church. That will leave the interim post holder time to help head up the ecumenical review within the partnership.

It is hoped that once the profile is drawn up that the post will be advertised within months – probably via the website,

Bradwell churchyard set to go nature friendly with hedge planting

Bradwell Church yard is set to take on a new, nature friendly look following the planting of a row of hedges and bushes along its perimeter.

Trench digging for hedges and bushes at Bradwell Church yard

Digging the trenches for the new hedges and bushes at Bradwell Church yard.

A team of volunteers from the church undertook the digging of a long, deep trench, and the planting programme recently following the removal of a number of overgrown Holm Oak trees last summer.

The trees were felled because they were impinging on the amenities of homeowners in St Lawrence View. A professional felling company was employed to complete that task but it was down to volunteers, led by church member, Paul Lund that dug the trench ahead of planting the hedges and bushes purchased from a nursery at Buckingham.

The results of their work will, it is hoped, be visible for all to see in the coming months and years. All species have been chosen for their benefits to wildlife, including insects and birds.

Root soaking of hedges and bushes at Bradwell Church.

Soaking the roots of the new hedges and bushes before they are planted by volunteers at Bradwell Church.

Holm Oak trees at Bradwell Church yard.

How Bradwell Church yard looked before the Holm Oak trees were felled last summer.

Bradwell Church volunteers planting hedges

Bradwell Church volunteers get to work planting hedges and bushes in the churchyard.